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Issue 11 - April 2016 (pdf, 0.5MB)
Issue 11 of Pathfinder focuses on variations in the transition to adulthood and passion for activities.

Issue 10 - November 2015 (pdf, 0.47MB)
Issue 10 of Pathfinder focuses on studies examining the role of parenting in shaping young people's civic engagement and their adaption to racial discrimination and neighbourhood problems

Issue 9 - May 2015 (pdf, 0.72MB)
This issue of Pathfinder looks at the role of values and goal engagement regarding career related outcomes in times of growing economic and occupational uncertainty

Issue 8 - November 2014 (pdf, 0.58MB)
Issue 8 of Pathfinder is a special issue looking at the research of our Pathways Fellows

Issue 7 - May 2014 (pdf, 0.58MB)
Issue 7 of Pathfinder focuses on studies examining the association between motivation, academic attainment, and student wellbeing.

Issue 6 - November 2013 (pdf, 0.53MB)
This issue of Pathfinder features two studies that used evidence from PISA to examine trends in academic performance over time and the linkage between school tracking and students academic self concept.

Issue 5 - May 2013 (pdf, 0.28MB)
In this issue of Pathfinder we focus on the antecedents and processes of becoming an entrepreneur.

Issue 4 - September 2012 (pdf 0.30MB)
In this edition of Pathfinder we look at students aspirations and expectations for the future.

Issue 3 - September 2011 (pdf, 0.61MB)
In this third edition of Pathfinder we look at the topic of school engagement using studies from the US, Finland and the UK.

Issue 2 - February 2011 (pdf, 0.68MB)
In this issue we discuss the role of aspirations, gender and ambition in later social status and earning; and a gender comparison of task values.

Issue 1- June 2010 (pdf, 0.70MB)
In this first issue of Pathfinder we look at the effects of globalization, school burnout and school motivation.