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Feminism, Gender and Sexuality

This seminar group is designed for research students and staff to explore their work around feminism, gender and sexuality.

The group meets informally about three times a term - at each session a speaker is invited to reflect upon their ideas as they develop, and to use the discussion space for the exploration of their own questions.

Session topics located within diverse disciplines are encouraged. These seminars are free and all are welcome to attend.

Seminar series 2019-2020

10 October 2019

We are Movers: Participatory methods and institutional activism

Rachel Benchekroun, Bahati Dan, Debby Kareem, Claudia Lapping, Hanna Retallack (UCL)

14 November 2019Unveiling the mixed messages surrounding the presentation of significant women in primary history teaching resourcesAnne Heavey (UCL Institute of Education)
12 December 2019Understanding the role of gender actors in building and sustaining gender equality in education: notes from a pilot study in UgandaFreya Johnson Ross (UCL Institute of Education)

Previous seminars

29 November 2018

Community, citizenship and cohesion: schools and the promotion of fundamental British values

Professor Carol Vincent (UCL Institute of Education)
Dr Reza Gholami (University of Birmingham)
Jonathan James (UCL Institute of Education)

31 May 2018Ignorance, hysteria and political agencyMohamed Elshirazy (UCL Institute of Education)
21 June 2018'Feminism is not self-identical': temporality, tradition and the residue of the radical in feminist subjectivities and feminist pedagogyClaudia Lapping & Hanna Retallack (UCL Institute of Education)
Zoe Charalambous (Anatolia College, Thessaloniki)



Series convenors

Dr Jenny Parkes
Dr Claudia Lapping
Dr Annette Braun


For further information or to join the seminar series mailing list please contact Jenny Parkes.

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