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Research updates - Summer 2020

We work with children of all ages, abilities and learning challenges. Our research covers a wide range of literacy and numeracy topics. Hear the latest from our researchers and get in touch.

Not the summer lecture

by Professor Julie Dockrell

An overview of ongoing research at the Centre for Language, Literacy and Numeracy: Research and Practice, including Q&As from Dr Amelia Roberts (UCL Centre for Inclusive Education) and Dr Zachary Walker (Department of Psychology and Human Development).

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Research updates

Oral language in socially disadvantaged settings

by Dr Claire Forrest

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Related project:

Using technology to support children learning to read and those with literacy difficulties

by Dr Emma Sumner

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Spelling - What is it we learn when we learn to spell?

by Dr Nelly Joye

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The effects of multilingualism on cognitive development across the lifespan

by Dr Roberto Filippi

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Dr Jo Van Herwegen

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Multi-modal communication: Helping children link words to the world

Professor Chloë Marshall

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If you would like to receive the poster that Chloë mentions in her presentation, please email her directly at chloe.marshall@ucl.ac.uk