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Promoting the Achievement of Care Leavers (PACL)

PACL is a pioneering research-led programme to support professionals to promote pathways to education and employment for care-experienced young people.

Young people leaving care often face barriers and a more complex pathway to study, independent living and employment than their peers. This situation has been compounded by the pandemic and places care leavers at increased risk. 

The aim of the programme is to support local authorities in the development of practice across education, employment and training (EET) to ultimately improve outcomes for care-experienced young people. It seeks to achieve this aim by providing a forum for knowledge exchange between professionals and researchers.

Who is PACL for?
  • Local Authorities
  • Virtual Schools
  • Post -16 Leads
  • Personal Advisors
  • Widening Participation Teams
  • Student Support Services
  • Third Sector
  • Care experienced students and researchers
  • Careers advice services
Programme outline

PACL builds upon the PALAC knowledge exchange programme to explore how individuals and teams can take pro-active steps towards supporting care experienced young people. Drawing from national and international literature participants will deliver a range of evidence informed approaches to promote care leavers into education, training and employment. 

Participants will be guided to deliver a programme in their settings to include:

  • Evidence on pathways of care leavers into education and employment
  • Collaborative approach
  • Facilitation support
  • Resources: handbook, audit, action plan
  • Dissemination and sharing of practice
What resources will participants receive?
  • An updated handbook covering the evidence-base, based on a published literature review, including a theory of change model and outline of the PACL programme
  • An audit based on seven domains, derived from the evidence base 
  • Case studies from schools involved in the PACL Pilot project
  • Other resources as required, depending on the organisation’s chosen focus
  • Their own case study, written up and co-branded by UCL 
What people say about the programme

“It brought rigour into our processes and gave us templates to guide our planning. Amelia and Sam were also able to offer a very helpful outside perspective and insights” – Participant, Lewisham PACL. 

“Supportive and useful in bringing local partners together. Helped to focus attention on developing processes to support learners.” – Participant, Lewisham PACL.


For further info please email inclusive.education@ucl.ac.uk