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Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (MITA)

Courses for School Leaders and SENCOs, delivered by the Centre for Inclusive Education, in partnership with the London Centre for Leadership in Learning (LCLL).

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are a large and indispensable part of the school workforce, yet research has found the support they provide in everyday classrooms has no effect on pupil attainment.

MITA Direct

MITA Direct is our way of delivering our course for school leaders away from the UCL Institute of Education.

For many schools, accessing courses in London is not always convenient. Extra time away from school and repeat rail fares for two or more members of staff all adds to the cost of attendance. With MITA Direct, you can bring our school improvement course to you. Working in partnership with hosts, and drawing on the expertise of local Facilitators, we aim to build communities of sustainable practice. 

Who can host MITA Direct?

Any organisation working with groups of schools can apply to host MITA Direct. Typically, hosts are local authorities, teaching school alliances, multi-academy trusts, school federations or clusters. We can also work with other school improvement or training providers. The key is that hosts are in a position to recruit enough schools to run the course. Hosts also provide 2 or 3 people to act as course Facilitators. Facilitators must have experience of school leadership, a local authority or TSA advisory role, or similar.

How many schools are required to run MITA Direct?

We recommend running MITA Direct with between 10 and 15 schools per course.

What people say

" "All members of the team have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and motivating." Secondary school leader


Consultancy: How to commission a TA Deployment Review

MITA consultancy flow chart

A TA Review is a good starting point for developing a whole school strategy to improving the contribution TAs make to teaching and learning. We'll work with your school to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. The review follows a six step process (see above). Once a review has been commissioned, one of our team will be appointed as your Reviewer. The leadership team complete a self-evaluation, which feeds into your Reviewer's overall preparation for their visit to school. Following the one-day visit, your reviewer produces a summary report, with actionable recommendations. Schools can commission their Reviewer to provide on-going strategic support and/or to deliver our MPTA CPD for TAs and teachers.

The stages of the TA review process are explained in full in our downloadable TA Deployment Review Guide


MPTA training for TAs: Improving pupil independence

Research indicates that quality feedback on learning and the development of metacognition skills can boost pupil attainment. Our Improving pupil independence course provides TAs with the skills to scaffold learning and help pupils become confident, independent learners. 

Based on our acclaimed book, The TA's Guide to Effective Interaction, this course introduces TAs to our scaffolding framework, and provides practical strategies and reflective activities. The course is suitable for teaching assistants, learning support assistants and other classroom support staff who support learning in all settings and at all stages.

We offer two training packages - core and extended - delivered over two or three sessions. Duration of each session is three hours. We recommend a maximum of 30 TAs per session.

MPTA Core trainingMPTA Extended training (Core plus session 3)
Sessions 1 and 2Session 3
Latest research and guidance on the complementary roles of teachers and TAsEffective delivery of intervention programmes
Scaffolding as a framework for developing pupil independenceSupporting collaborative group work
Reflect on practice and develop specific scaffolding strategies 
How to contribute to assessment for learning 
Planning changes to practice 


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