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Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (MITA)

Courses for School Leaders and SENCOs, delivered by the Centre for Inclusive Education, in partnership with the UCL Centre for Educational Leadership.

MITA Direct

For many schools, accessing courses in London is not always convenient. Extra time away from school and repeat rail fares for two or more members of staff all adds to the cost of attendance.

With MITA Direct, you can bring our school improvement course to you. Working in partnership with hosts, and drawing on the expertise of local Facilitators, we aim to build communities of sustainable practice. 


Hosting an MITA Direct

Any organisation working with groups of schools can apply to host an MITA Direct course. Typically, hosts are local authorities, teaching school alliances, multi-academy trusts, school federations or clusters. We can also work with other school improvement or training providers. The key is that hosts are in a position to recruit enough schools to run the course.

Hosts also provide 2 or 3 people to act as course Facilitators. Facilitators must have experience of school leadership, a local authority or TSA advisory role, or similar.

We recommend running MITA Direct with between 10 and 15 schools per course.

Course structure

We deliver three half-day sessions, paced over two terms:

Session 1

  • Setting out the evidence on TA deployment and impact
  • Introducing the key principles of the MITA approach
  • How to conduct a self-evaluation
  • Setting a vision for change

Session 2

  • Building on the self-evaluation
  • Exploring the MITA principles in depth
  • Rethinking how TAs are deployed and interact with pupils
  • Practical strategies and ideas
  • Action planning

Session 3

  • Reviewing and sharing success
  • Planning next steps.

Each school receives a comprehensive pack of high-quality resources and tools to support the processes of review and implementation.

What people say about the course
"All members of the team have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and motivating."
- Secondary school leader

£4,995 for maximum 20 schools. This cost includes resources for participants. Trainer’s expenses (travel, etc) are not included, and will be added. This fee only applies to the delivery of MITA Direct within the UK. Bespoke costings can be arranged for delivery outside the UK.

MPTA training for TAs: Improving pupil independence

Research indicates that quality feedback on learning and the development of metacognition skills can boost pupil attainment. This course provides TAs with the skills to scaffold learning and help pupils become confident, independent learners.

Based on our acclaimed book, The Teaching Assistant's Guide to Effective Interaction, this course introduces TAs to our scaffolding framework, and provides practical strategies and reflective activities. The course is suitable for teaching assistants, learning support assistants and other classroom support staff who support learning in all settings and at all stages.


Training packages

We offer two training packages - core and extended - delivered over two or three sessions. Duration of each session is three hours. We recommend a maximum of 30 TAs per session.

MPTA Core training

  • Latest research and guidance on the complementary roles of teachers and TAs   
  • Scaffolding as a framework for developing pupil independence    
  • Reflect on practice and develop specific scaffolding strategies    
  • How to contribute to assessment for learning    
  • Planning changes to practice

MPTA Extended training

Core plus session 3

  • Effective delivery of intervention programmes
  • Supporting collaborative group work
Additional training

With each option, you can elect to receive our 90 minute training for teachers called, 'MPTA: What teachers need to know'.

This twilight-length session provides teachers with essential knowledge of how to plan for and deploy TAs in the classroom, and equips them to make full use of TAs’ new MPTA skills.

Please note, 'MPTA: What teachers need to know' training may not be possible for options where the TA training is being delivered for TAs across a number of schools – unless it can be arranged for all teachers to attend the session on the same site. Input for teachers must be scheduled for the same day(s) as the sessions for TAs. There is no maximum limit to the number of teachers that can attend.

Course structure

Please see the five training delivery models we offer below. 

Other models of delivering MPTA, and training larger groups, might be possible, but are likely to incur additional costs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

ACore1Sessions 1 and 2 delivered over 1 day
  • Inset for 1 school, or group of small schools. TAs and teachers trained in 1 day.
  • Full day training for TAs, organised by LA, MAT, TSA, etc.
BCore2Session 2 delivered 3-4 weeks after session 1
  • Allows TAs to trial and test new skills through gap tasks, and revisit and consolidate in session 2.
CCore2As option B, but session 1 delivered twice on day 1, and session 2 delivered twice on day 2
  • Allows schools to release TAs in 2 groups; half for AM training and half for PM training
  • Good for training larger groups of TAs across several schools. 1 trainer can train up to 60 TAs in 1 day.
DExtended2Sessions delivered over back-to-back days
  • Economical for international schools, as trainer makes 1 trip rather than 2 trips.
EExtended2Session 3 delivered 3-4 weeks after sessions 1 and 2
  • Allows TAs to trial and test new skills through gap tasks, and revisit and consolidate in session 3.

Option A: £1,295

Options B, C, D or E: £1,895

Training costs include packs of resources for a maximum of 30 TAs. Additional packs can be purchased. Costs are not inclusive of trainers’ expenses (travel, etc).

TA Deployment Review

A TA Deployment Review is a good starting point for developing a whole school strategy to improve the contribution TAs make to teaching and learning. We work with your school to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.



The review follows a six step process.

MITA consultancy flow chart


Once a review has been commissioned, one of our team will be appointed as your Reviewer. The school leadership team complete a self-evaluation, which feeds into your Reviewer's overall preparation for their visit to school.

Following the visit, your Reviewer produces a summary report, with actionable recommendations. Schools can commission their Reviewer to provide follow-up support or to deliver our training for TAs and teachers. 

The stages of the TA review process are explained in full in our downloadable TA Deployment Review Guide.

How to commission a review

You can request an expression of interest form by emailing ioe.mita@ucl.ac.uk


Cost: £1,995 (plus VAT) and Reviewer’s travel expenses.

A typical review (e.g. preparation, school visit and reporting) take three days. Reviews scheduled to take more than three days will incur additional costs. The scope and cost of your review are
agreed at the identification phase.

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Further information

For enquiries, please email Marina Kipfer at ioe.mita@ucl.ac.uk