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Our research aims to inform evidence-led policy across the life course on ways to equalise opportunities.

CREATE and 'Innovate'

Our approach to impact is embedded from the outset via CREATE and 'Innovate'.

Projects are designed entirely through interaction with stakeholders as co-producers of the research. This includes early years’ providers, teacher trainers, widening participation units, apprenticeship providers, and employers. 


To create similar co-production for our ‘Investigate’ approach, we work with our centre’s advisory board to ensure that stakeholders are embedded in the research design from the outset.

We also draw on our network of CEPEO’s affiliates, who offer expert opinions from multiple perspective, and help to ensure that we are focused on the key barriers that limit opportunities for our groups of interest.

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Our key stakeholders

  • early years’ providers
  • school leaders and teachers
  • students 
  • apprenticeship and wider FE providers
  • universities
  • employers 
  • policy makers
  • third sector organisations
  • general public.