Institute of Education


Visitors with disabilities

There are two entrances to our main building on 20 Bedford Way; one on the east side and the other on the west side.

Access to the building

East side - via Bedford Way

  1. This approach starts at street level, on the pavement at 20 Bedford Way, and involves taking a lift to our main reception area.
  2. The accessible entrance is to your right, when facing the flight of stairs to the main door.
  3. Please use the intercom to call a member of staff at reception. They will help you operate the lift and get into the building safely.
  4. A non-accessible entrance to your left, when facing the flight of stairs to the main door, is sometimes open. If you enter through these doors, watch out for the steps directly inside.

West side - via Woburn Square

  1. This approach starts at street level, at the end of a pedestrian walkway between Woburn Square and Russell Square. It provides level entry to our main reception area.
  2. Halfway down the walkway you will see our building (opposite the SOAS building).
  3. The accessible entrance is across the concourse, to the right of the main door.

Exiting the building in an emergency

  1. All areas of levels 4 to 9 of the building are accessible and feature horizontal means of escape and adapted facilities.
  2. Levels 1-4 can be exited in the case of an emergency via the fireproof lifts in Core A. However, those students, staff and visitors with disabilities or sensory issues are advised to submit a risk assessment-based PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan), to ensure that any specific issues are addressed.
  3. For detailed information about all our buildings please refer to our campus access guide.

Accessible parking

Some dedicated spaces are available.

Street parking

This is managed by Camden Council, one of the four central London boroughs in which the "blue badge scheme" does NOT apply fully.

Unless your blue badge was issued by Camden Council, you are restricted to using designated "blue badge parking bays". (Note: there is such a bay, for three cars, outside 20 Bedford Way).

Campus parking

Visitors with mobility problems of any kind can reserve a free space for the day of their visit. Requests must be made three working days in advance. (The parking spaces are in Woburn Square and in a service road that runs off Russell Square).

This is available via UCL's Customer Service Helpdesk.