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Graduation 2020

Congratulations IOE graduates!

A message from Professor Sue Rogers, IOE Interim Director

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Highlights and achievements

Our Music PGCE trainee teachers made us stop and Think About Things...

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As teaching moved online during 2020, Music PGCE subject leader Kate Laurence gave her teacher training students the challenge to create a virtual ensemble for their course finale.

This is the story of their PGCE year...


Masters student recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours 2020

Emily Jocelyn Gray MBE, a student on the Education, Health Promotion and International Development MA Class of 2020, was awarded an MBE in the 2020 honours for services to tackling sexual harassment issues.

IOE alumna wins Primary School Teacher of the Year Award

London Teacher of the Year Awards
Congratulations to Abbie Sedgeman, Primary PGCE Class of 2019, who has been named Primary School Teacher of the Year at the 2020 London Teacher of the Year Awards. As a newly qualified teacher (NQT) working at Mossbourne Parkside Academy, Abbie was announced as the winner across the boroughs of Camden, Islington, and Hackney.
IOE Academic Representative of the Year Award

The UCL Student's Union Academic Rep of the Year Awards celebrate those who went the extra mile to represent students, and have worked with staff to make student’s academic experience better.

Congratulations to Kafi Zafar, IOE 2020 winner. In the words of those who nominated her:

“She has gone above and beyond to make the voices of the students heard, especially in complicated and stressful circumstances." 

Messages from your teaching and learning teams

Ready to grapple with the world

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Professor David Voas, Head of the Department of Social Science.

Carry with you everything you gained

Miss Evi Katsapi (UCL Institute of Education)
The three years passed so fast and you have succeeded against all odds, against all difficulties to complete your degree. I am so proud of each one of you! I would like to say thank you for trusting us with your education; thank you for making our degree better with your contributions and your presence and thank you for all you have taught us. Now you are off to new adventures, carry with you everything you gained from your time at IOE, the experiences, the knowledge, and your friendships. Seize every day, dare to do new things, and grab every opportunity that comes your way. Remember that life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy your journey and always be kind to yourselves and others!

Miss Evi Katsapi, Psychology with Education BSc Programme Leader.

Cheers to the class of 2020

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Dr Nicola Abbott, Psychology with Education BSc tutor.

You have risen above the challenges

Dr Cosette Crisan (UCL Institute of Education)
Congratulations to all students on completing their fantastic learning journey. You have worked very hard, most of you juggling many other commitments at the same time. Well done. The MA team at IOE is proud of you!
You have risen above the challenges of this year and have worked beautifully together on the UCL ChangeMakers project to support your peers and future postgraduate students to make the most of studying remotely this year.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us, and all the best for the future. Continue to take on challenges like this in life and turn them into opportunities!

Dr Cosette Crisan, Mathematics Education MA Programme Leader.

Champion the cause of assessment

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Dr Mary Richardson, Educational Assessment MA Programme Leader.

The start of a new section of your life

Mr Graham Griffiths (UCL Institute of Education)
One of the highlights of the academic year is to meet graduates and celebrate their success in a social setting. It is, like many things, frustrating not to be able to do this in person. This qualification is the start of a new section of your life. Well done for your success and I hope to see you again in the future, perhaps as a mentor to future students, talking to future students about your experiences, or perhaps returning to study for another postgraduate qualification and further develop your knowledge and skills.

Mr Graham Griffiths, Lecturer in Education and Post Compulsory PGCE Programme Leader.

We learned so much from you

Dr Sara Bragg (UCL Institute of Education)
It was an incredible privilege to teach you. Some of our most memorable moments were finding out in class about your feminist campaigns and activisms and your diverse takes on issues. We also loved reading the more personal pieces of writing you wrote for your blogs and essays, which were so often moving, impressive, and thought-provoking. We learned so much from you. Congratulations and very best wishes for a bright future.

Dr Sara Bragg, Social Justice and Education MA Programme Leader, and Ms Hanna Retallack, Teaching Fellow for Education Studies BA and Social Justice and Education MA.


You have professionalism, resilience, and excellence

Dr Jo Van Herwegen (UCL Institute of Education)
Many congratulations to all graduates - you have completed your degree during an exceptionally challenging time but you persisted and succeeded. Even though times ahead might be uncertain and difficult, your degree demonstrates that you have professionalism, resilience, and excellence. It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with you all and I have no doubt your future will be bright!

Dr Jo Van Herwegen, Child Development MSc Programme Leader.

Two pieces of advice for new grads


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Dr Zachary Walker, Academic Head of Teaching and Learning for the Department of Psychology and Human Development, Special Education and Inclusive Education MA Programme Leader.

Remember the impact you are having

Ms Catherine Thompson (UCL Institute of Education)
To all of you, congratulations. I think about you often and the energy, reflection, and creativity that you brought to your studies. I learned a lot from all of you. I am sure you are now bringing these special qualities to the children you are working with. In whatever circumstances you find yourselves, as early years teachers you are setting children and their families on a path with lifelong implications. Never forget this even if it is not always acknowledged! Enjoy the children, stimulate a love of learning, and remember the impact you are having, especially when the going gets tough.

Ms Catherine Thompson, Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT) PGCE tutor.

Now more than ever, the sector needs you

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Dr Eleanor Kitto, Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT) PGCE.

Take some time to savour your accomplishment

Dr Richard Freeman (UCL Institute of Education)
Congratulations on your doctorate! As you know all too well, completing a doctorate requires years of hard work and dedication. I hope you can take some time to savour your accomplishment and that you enjoy your graduation. Whatever you do next, I wish you all the best in the future.

Dr Richard Freeman, Interim Head of the Centre for Doctoral Education.

You are excellent teachers

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Dr Penny Amott and Tessa Willy, Primary PGCE Programme Leaders.

This is the start of a new journey

Dr Sue Taylor (UCL Institute of Education)
Huge congratulations on your success. I wanted all of you to know how very proud I am of your respective successes. As you all know, I completed my EdD at IOE in 2006 and know what a huge challenge a professional doctorate is, trying to juggle family and highly responsible professional roles alongside the rigour and challenges of doctoral study and research. Your success is a testimony to your hard work and commitment. There are many motivations for wanting to undertake a professional doctorate and many of you, having now successfully completed your EdD, might think you are at the end of your journey. It might be for now, but reflect in a month, a few months or a year’s or a few years’ time, and you will probably realise that this is the start of a new journey. I wish you all well for the future.

Dr Sue Taylor, EdD Programme Leader.

IOE alumni community

Ajaz Hussain, PGCE Class of 2005 and Alumni Volunteer of the Year 2020

"Being of service to others is a core value for me, particularly in recent times. I pray that we can become more proactive and play whatever small role we can to be more generous, caring and helpful.”

- Ajaz Hussain, PGCE Class of 2005 and Alumni Volunteer of the Year 2020

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