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Using Peer Feedback

Student Group

Peer feedback can be very helpful, but remember, you need to make the final decisions yourself. Don't change anything without re-evaluating the advice for yourself.

Peers can give good advice on whether the writing is readable and logical. In terms of language or written conventions, remember that they may have a different background to you, and so they may not be an expert on writing within your field.

Peer Feedback Questions

To work with a peer to edit each other's writing, try asking the following questions:

  1. Does this piece of work have a central idea? Is this idea apparent for the reader, or do you have to 'search' for it? Is it clear enough for you to restate in a different way?
  2. Does this piece of work raise any questions that it does not answer?
  3. Is there a sense of an 'argument' developing?
  4. Do points - both within and beyond paragraphs - seem to follow logically? Does this whole piece hang together?
  5. Why is a particular bit of information in the piece? What work is it doing for expressing the ideas of the assignment?
  6. Can you understand what is written? If not, can you see why? Can you see what could be added to help you understand (e.g. an example, or a contrast?). Does the use of subject terminology seem clear and confident?