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Improvement Action Plan

Student Group

After you have worked on your draft and incorporated the tutor's feedback, develop an action plan for your next assignment.

This way, you can make sure you improve your writing over the longer term, rather than simply making corrections to one piece of work.

Action Plan Checklist

  1. Create a word document or online space where you can store your assignment action plan.
  2. Divide your plan into sections, similar to the page on Editing Tips: Editing Tips
  3.  Add your own questions, actions to take, or things to double-check. This can be a combination of advice from the tutor and other tips you have found useful.
  4. Do not include anything you don't understand. You may not remember in detail from one assignment to the next, so make sure you give yourself examples or explanations of any unfamiliar terms.
  5. Between this assignment and the next, try to notice examples of good writing in your reading materials. The articles you are reading are examples of published writing within your discipline, which means they will be using language in an appropriate and proficient way. These writers' use of language can be your best teacher!