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How can I analyse the title?

You can analyse your title using the following questions:

a) Which theory (or theories) is this question asking for?

Can you think of theories from the module which relate to this question?

b) What perspective(s) could you use to answer this question? Which perspective seems most suitable for you to use?

For example, a policy perspective, a critical race perspective, the perspective of the children, the perspective of a researcher.

c) What would you need to add to the question to be able to answer it? 

For example, you may need to add the particular perspective you will use, or any definitions of terms. 

d) Which terms would need to be defined for the purposes of your essay?

The page on definitions may help: Definitions

e) What position(s) could you take with relation to this question? 

How could you actually answer the question? Is it a question where you could say yes/ no/ to some extent? Is it a question asking for a solution, or is it simply asking whether something is a problem? This is another way of saying what is your main thesis, or your main point.

f) Which examples could you use to help illustrate, support or explain your claims? 

You may decide to use a combination of examples from your reading, examples from real-life experience, or even hypothetical examples. Remember that these examples will have different levels of importance within the essay.