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SciKit-Surgery libraries implements a family of compact, orthogonal, libraries accompanied by robust testing, documentation, and quality control. SciKit-Surgery libraries can be rapidly assembled into testable clinical applications and subsequently translated to production software without the need for software reimplementation.scikit-surgery.orgDocsSourceDr. Matt Clarkson[1] [2] [3]
Deep Reg logo
DeepReg is a freely available, community-supported open-source toolkit for research and education in medical image registration using deep learning.deepreg.netDocsSourceDr. Yipeng Hu[4]
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Medical image preprocessing and augmentation toolkit for deep learning. Docs


Fernando Pérez-García[5]
Semiology visualisation logo
Epilepsy Seizure Semiology-to-Brain Visualisation Tool (SVT) - v 1.7.1. DocsSourceDr Ali Alim-Marvasti[draft]
Affine pose graph optimisation based on G2O framework DocsGithubDr. Liang Li[draft]
Resector is an Implementation of a TorchIO transform used to simulate a resection cavity from a T1-weighted brain MRI and a corresponding geodesic information flows (GIF) brain parcellation (version 3.0). [Preprint on arXiv]  SourceFernando Pérez-García[6]
Integrated multi-modality image-guided navigation for neurosurgery
Integrated intraoperative navigation system is tailored to skull base neurosurgery with the ability to incorporate (1) preoperative structural MR and CT imaging and 3D volume reconstructions of the tumour and surrounding anatomy (e.g. facial nerve), (2) neurophysiological monitoring and stimulation and (3) live reconstructed 3D ultrasound. [ref]  SourceDr. Jonathan Shapey[7]



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