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Intraoperative Sensor Localisation (ISL)

The Intraoperative Sensor Localisation (ISL) platform focuses on the translation of these techniques to computer assisted navigation, anatomy reconstruction, and multi-modal sensor fusion

ISL Platform Image

Localisation and Mapping is a core research area in robotics that enables a device to localise itself in the environment by interpreting sensor data in real-time. This platform focuses on the translation of these techniques to computer assisted navigation, anatomy reconstruction, and multi-modal sensor fusion, including:

  • Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) for both robotic and handheld intraoperative medical devices
  • Reconstruction of anatomy from vision
  • Multi-modality sensor calibration algorithms

These are made compatible with medical devices used both in the WEISS facilities, as well as by clinical collaborators at UCLH. Use cases include both real-time display and processing of retrospective data. The main goal is to focus on localisation and data fusion technologies, complementing other platforms that specialise on processing individual modalities. 

Current developments include image guidance for a fetal ultrasound training platform, view expansion in fetoscopic interventions, and camera localisation in both conventional and robotic laparoscopy.