Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences


Modelling and Simulation Tools for Aortic Dissection Treatment

To develop tools for the pre & post-operative in-silico planning and treatment for Aortic Dissections. This project will be an exemplar application that will provide a blueprint and proof of concept for the use of in-silico tools in the personalised management of aortic diseases in general (applicable also to other pathologies).  The clinical impact and viability of these technologies will be tested via our partner Hospitals in the UK and Europe.  These models will be validated using a sophisticated experimental setup available (including PIV) within the group.

Expected Results:

· A patient-specific simulation framework delivering simulation of Aortic Dissections

· Proof-of-concept of the use of these technologies in the clinic

· Proof of feasibility of the use of these models in surgical planning

· Validated set of results using a patient-specific physical platform.


Vanessa Diaz