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In Theatre

17 October 2022–06 November 2022, 12:00 pm–6:00 pm

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Imagine a future in which your medical scans are read by Artificial Intelligence, your surgery is planned by a computer and your surgeon is a four-armed robot with superpowers. Welcome to In Theatre, an accessible, interactive pop-up installation in Brick Lane from WEISS (UCL) and The Liminal Space that explores how ground breaking innovations such as these could benefit patients in the future.

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28 Brick Lane
(Corner of Brick Lane and Chicksand Street)
E1 6RF
United Kingdom

The Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS) have been working with The Liminal Space to bring together some of the most imaginative and futuristic innovations from researchers in engineering and clinical sciences at University College London. The result is an installation that will make you look at your body in a way you never imagined possible.

Visitors to In Theatre will be led on a journey deep inside the human body and sent whizzing through the high-tech machines used during surgery. They will be invited to beat the buzzer to test just how steady their hands are compared with the arms of a robot surgeon, take on the role of AI in a game of spot-the-difference and sit in on a virtual robotic operation.

Dan Stoyanov, Director at WEISS, says: “In Theatre is an important project for WEISS, helping us to connect and engage with members of the public on issues surrounding AI, robotics and surgery. We are delighted to open the pop up installation in Tower Hamlets and share our research with the local community and beyond.”

Amanda Gore, Director at The Liminal Space, says: “What the researchers are working on at UCL is truly revolutionary and will define the future of surgery and healthcare for us all in the coming decades. At a time when the NHS is under exceptional pressure and patients face long waiting times for treatment, these near-future solutions offer great opportunities for surgery that is safer, faster and less invasive. But these innovations also bring with them important questions about access, data and equality. In Theatre sets the stage for conversations about all of this and more.”

In Theatre will give you a new - and very different - perspective on how AI and robotics will revolutionise surgery now and in the future.

In Theatre runs from 17 October - 6 November 2022, noon until 6.00pm, at the corner of Brick Lane and Chicksand Street (closest tube is Aldgate East). Admission is free to all and there is no need to book. To find out more, visit the In Theatre website.