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Mastering Clinical and Technology Trials in MedTech

The University of Portsmouth SIGHT Programme and the NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative hosted an online course, Mastering Clinical and Technology Trials in MedTech

Image with information and dates of the MedTech course

The FPC 8th Annual Conference

Saturday 19 November 2022 | 09.00 - 16.45 | Edinburgh

On Saturday 19 November 2022, the Faculty of Perioperative Care hosted its Annual Conference in person at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. This was an opportunity for delegates to network and hear from influential speakers across the field. 

The conference theme, ‘The Surgical Multidisciplinary Team: delivering safe, skilled, and effective care’ focused on career progression for various practitioner groups whilst exploring the benefits of working collectively in a modern surgical team.  

The Co-Convenors for the day were, Ms Susan Hall, Associate Lecturer in Surgical Care Practice at Anglia Ruskin University and Prof. Bhuvaneswari Krishnamoorthy, Professor in Nursing and Surgical Practice.

Image of the FPC conference flyer

SurgTech Career LaunchPad

Wednesday 8 June | 9:30 - 13:30 

This Virtual Event brought together Clinical Researchers, Surgery Professionals, and technology stakeholders to share barriers and solutions within the industry that will shape and deliver research into surgical technology 

It was hosted by NIHR (National Institute for Health and Care Research) Incubator for Advanced Surgical Technologies powered by Empact Ventures. 

The event featured Keynote Speakers (Stage), Roundtable Discussions (Sessions), PhD Clinic, MedTech Showcase (Medisieve, QV Bioelectronics, CanSense, AZmed), Live Chat and Polls. 

Speakers included University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, the Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP), the Council for Allied Health Professions in Research (CAHPR) and more.

Those who registered, attended and opted in received three warm email introductions to potential collaborators that matched attendees requirements facilitated after the event by the Empact Ventures team. There was also Video Speed Networking, Digital Exhibition and Live Chat to connect with other attendees. 

Digital poster for SurgTech Career LaunchPad 2022

The first video below contains the SurgTech Career Lanchpad Conference AM session featuring: 

  • Introduction to the event
  • NIHR and your Research Career
  • MedTech Showcase
  • Surgical MedTech, the NHS, Theatre Team and Researchers
  • Key Challengers

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Industrial Partnerships Roundtable Video

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Mentorship Roundtable Video

Finding Supervision Roundtable Video

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Early Independence Roundtable Video
Exiting the Thesis Roundtable Video