Further Reading

Grammars and other books on the English language

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This book covers terminology from traditional/descriptive grammar and phonetics.

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This dictionary contains terminology from all areas of linguistics, including discourse studies, functional linguistics, morphology, phonetics, phonology, pragmatics, semantics and syntax. It contains both traditional and theoretical terminology.

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This guide deals with grammar in short sections such as The Noun Phrase, Sentence, Text, etc.

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This is an elementary guide to grammatical terminology, with exercises.

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This A-Z is a useful dictionary of descriptive grammatical terminology. It contains tables, diagrams, and examples.

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This lucidly written book covers grammar in the narrow sense, i.e. only syntax and morphology.


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A 10-volume work of reference containing articles written by specialists on language and linguistics.

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A one-volume work with short entries.

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A one-volume encyclopedia with articles on linguistic topics. Not useful for quick reference.

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A superb and delightful reference work dealing with all aspects of language.

Crystal, D. (1995) The Cambridge encyclopedia of the English language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

A comprehensive and indispensable book for anyone interested in the English language in all its facets.

McArthur, T. (1992) The Oxford companion to the English language. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Covers the field of English language studies, including usage, style, varieties, the language of literature etc.