An important note about using the Internet Grammar of English

The Internet Grammar of English has been designed for Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers.

The site relies heavily on Javascript for its navigation and interactive content. To use the site, it is essential to have Javascript enabled in your browser.

To use the interactive exercises you must be using a version 3 browser or higher. However, please note that Internet Explorer version 3 has proved problematic with the exercises. We do not recommend using that browser with the Internet Grammar.

Version 4 browsers also allow you to access additional interactive material and animations and so, for that reason, we recommend that you use as recent a browser as possible.

The table below shows which browsers are compatible with the Internet Grammar.

Browser Access the text, navigation and reference tools Use the exercises Interactive material and animations
Netscape 3 yes yes no
Internet Explorer 3 yes problematic no
Netscape Communicator yes yes yes
Internet Explorer 4 yes yes yes
Other browsers please consult your service provider


To get the most out of the exercises and interactive material, we strongly recommend that you have images switched on in your browser.