International Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Centre




VIA Ageing and Dementia
Rikke Gregersen

Associate Professor PhD
Responsible for research in dementia
Tel: +4587551810 
Email: rigr@via.dk

Danish Dementia Research Centre
Karen Tannebæk

Specialist Occupational Therapist in Gerontology and Director of the Education Department at the Danish Dementia Research Centre
Email: karen.tannebaek@regionh.dk 
Website: https://videnscenterfordemens.dk/da

CST provision

“Kommunikationscentret”, a regional centre for training speech and language in Copenhagen.
Contact: Julie Ystroem:
Tel: +45 45 11 47 11 
Email: julie.ystroem@regionh.dk

VUK-Aalborg, a school offering training for adults with special needs.
Tel: +4530554180 
Email: kim.soerensen50@skolekom.dk
Email: hkhkousgaard@gmail.com

Translation of the CST manual

The Danish version of the CST manual: Making a Difference II has been published - Johannesen, A., Spector, A. Gregersen, R. (2019). "Kognitiv Stimulationsterapi (CST): Et evidensbaseret gruppe program til mennesker med demens". VIA University College.

CST research Projects

A pilot study adapting and validating the International CST intervention program into a Danish context is planned to run from 2019 until 2020. Pilot tests are planned to take place in several Danish municipalities 2018.

Annette Johannesen and a speech and language therapist, Anita Munch Reul, ran a CST group programme primo 2017 in order to test the effects on cognitive and verbal outcomes. The results were presented at the annual Danish Dementia Conference.

CST training

See International CST Training for upcoming dates and trainer information.