CST contact:

Rikke Gregersen, Associate Professor Ph.D.

VIA Ageing and Dementia

Responsible for research in dementia

T: +4587551810 


CST training:

Annette Johannesen Occupational Therapist, MSc in OT, Specialist in gerontology

International CST Trainer.

External specialist and coordinator of the Danish CST Project.

T: +4521427485 


CST provision:

“Kommunikationscentret”, a regional centre for training speech and language in Copenhagen.

Contact: Julie Ystroem:

T: +45 45 11 47 11 


VUK-Aalborg, a school offering training for adults with special needs

T: +4530554180 



From September 2017, the British CST course will be conducted in Denmark by Annette Johannesen.

Municipalities of Herlev, Koege and Silkeborg are testing the British CST-concept. Their experiences and ideas will be shared and used for the development of a culturally adapted Danish version of CST.

CST research Projects

A pilot study adapting and validating the International CST intervention program into a Danish context is planned to run from 2019 until 2020. Pilot tests are planned to take place in several Danish municipalities 2018.

Translation of the CST manual: By 2020 we aim to have a Danish version of the CST manual: Making a Difference II


Annette Johannesen and a speech and language therapist, Anita Munch Reul ,ran a CST group programme primo 2017 in order to test the effects on cognitive and verbal outcomes. The results were presented at the annual Danish Dementia Conference.