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What hunter-gatherers can tell us about human social networks

Published: Jul 21, 2016 5:51:00 PM

UCL Migration Week 2011

Monday 4th April to Friday 8th April 2011

UCL Migration Week was a series of lectures, panel discussions, conferences and exhibitions, which explored migration from a number of academic perspectives. Jessica Allen, Project Director of the Michael Marmot Review Team, examined the health inequalities of migrants across Europe while Gayle Mundro, UCL Geography, chaired a panel discussion following readings from two controversial contemporary plays.

The Week concluded with a major interdisciplinary conference, Migration: Economic Change, Social Challenge convened by the NORFACE Research Programme on Migration and the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM) which brought together around 300 scholars from subject areas such Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Demography, Anthropology, Education, Geography, Political Science, and Development Studies.

UCL Migration Week was organised by UCL Grand Challenge of Intercultural Interaction and CReAM (the UCL Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration) and co-funded by the NORFACE Research Programme on Migration.


4th April – 8 May
Cities Methodologies Showcase 2011

4th April

Extracts: 'On a Clear Day you can see Dover' and 'Asylum Dialogues': followed by a panel discussion.

5th April –9th April
Exhibition: Migration, Myth and Egyptomania

5th April
Micro and Macro Perspectives on the UK and Global Codes of Practice on Recruitment of Health Workers

5th April
Health Inequalities and the Health of Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees Across Europe

6th April
The Sexual Health of Migrants

6th April
The challenges to policy making posed by the diversity of interests affected by immigration.

6th -9th April
Conference: Migration: Economic Change, Social Challenge

6th April
Filming Migration

8th April
The EU Legal Migration Package - Progress and Perspectives on the Regulation of Seasonal Workers and Intra-corporate Transferees

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