UCL Centre for Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research


Dementia in Intellectual Disabilities Special Interest Group (DID-SIG)

The DID-SIG is an independent group that exists, based at UCL but not solely for UCL-affiliated staff, to discuss and promote the clinical information and research relevant to people who have intellectual disabilities and dementia.

Venn diagram: Dementia in intellectual disabilities

Our special interest group is composed of clinicians (including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and nurses) from across the UK and beyond who have a special interest in dementia in people with intellectual disabilities. The group is chaired by Dr Andre Strydom, Reader in Intellectual Disabilities and Consultant Psychiatrist.

We meet every quarter, in London, to discuss relevant and recent research, clinical cases and policy. 

If you are interested in coming to a meeting or joining the group, please get in touch with Dr Richard Hillier, Consultant Psychiatrist and the group's Secretary: richard.hillier@nhs.net.

On our page, you will find details about forthcoming and past meetings and some publications of interest.

Previous meeting minutes

Minutes from the meeting on 10th February 2017 will be uploaded shortly

Forthcoming meetings

The agenda for our next meeting in June 2017 will be uploaded here once it becomes available.

Clinical guidance

Pharmacological Management of Behavioral and Psychiatric Symptoms in Older Adults with Intellectual Disability

Diagnostic Manual for Intellectual Disabilities 2: Neurocognitive disorders

BPS guidance on dementia and people with intellectual disabilities (2015)

Relevant literature

Fine motor and self-care milestones for individuals withDown syndrome using a Retrospective Chart Review (Frank & Ebsen, 2014)

A prospective 14-year longitudinal follow-up of dementia in persons with Down syndrome (McCarron et al., 2014)

Variability of the Aging Process in Dementia-Free Adults With Down Syndrome (Tsao et al., 2015)