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UCL Gender and Health Humanities Research Network

The UCL Gender and Health Humanities Research Network exists to create conversations across gender studies, health humanities and the wider arts and humanities.

The network is a place for postgraduate researchers and academics to meet and discuss ideas, and share work-in-progress and short provocations.

arm with word intimate as tattoo, Photo by Marius Spita on Unsplash
This term we are going with the theme Intimate Care and invite contributions which consider care in terms of the private, the invasive and the intimate. Do let us know if you have work in progress, or suggestions for things to read or watch on this theme!

Convenors: Dr Leah Sidi and Dr Stefano Rossoni

Schedule for Term 3, 2022-23

25 May, 6.30pm:  Book Launch 'Sarah Kane's Theatre of Psychic Life: Theatre, Thought and Mental Suffering'

Schedule for Term 1, 2022-23

28 October, 4.30pm:  Care, Masculinity, Comedy (Stefano Rossoni on The Kominsky Method)
25 November, 4.30pm: Care, Femininity, Horror (Leah Sidi on Saint Maude)