Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Research theme 2016-17: Sense and Sensation

IAS Junior Research Fellows Dr Dhanveer Singh Brar and Dr Alicia Spencer-Hall are researching this theme.

sense and sensation

This theme is open to the widest possible interpretation and is assumed to address the concerns of many disciplines and departments while providing a frame for thinking across or even bypassing entrenched or established modes of thinking. It could include the following concerns:

  • Histories/archaeologies of the senses
  • Sensation and affect: visuality and beyond
  • The notion of the five senses and its histories
  • Thinking through feeling, feeling through thinking
  • The senses and aesthetics
  • Sense and sensuality
  • The intelligence of the senses
  • Hierarchies of the senses and their critiques
  • Phenomenology, bodily experience and the senses
  • The gendering/queering of the senses, sexual/sensory difference
  • Pedagogy and the education of the senses, aesthetic education as a model for imagining radically different sensory worlds
  • Sensate/sensory knowledge in the age of digital technologies
  • Cultures of corporeality - comparative sensory worlds and the translatability between them