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Below are a selection of videos, podcasts and recordings from UCL relating to music and sound

child shouting into a microphone

  • Concert : The virtuosa singer in the academies of early modern ItalyThis event presents music by some of the early virtuose singers, poets and composers, and explores contexts, protagonists and musical features. 
  • IAS Festival Sea, Song, Writing: On the Palmy BeachConversation launching the UCL European Institute’s short film Sea, Song Writing, featuring composer Judith Weir, soprano Ruby Hughes, cellist Natalie Clein and pianist Julius Drake – in dialogue with literature scholars Jennifer Rushworth and Annika Lindskog (both SELCS).
  • #MadeAtUCL Series 2 - Episode 2 - VoiceJoin Cassidy as she finds out from UCL experts how people are regaining their voice after their voice boxes are removed (Prof Evangelos Himonides, Professor of Technology, Education, and Music, UCL Institute of Education www.shoutatcancer.org)
  • Northern Chile: Music and protest on social mediaIn the marginal city of Alto Hospicio, Chile, music becomes a way of advocating for social justice and a better life. Social media is just as important as traditional media, like radio, for spreading the message. This short documentary film was made as part of the UCL Global Social Media Impact Study (http://whywepost.com).
  • Rural China: Street dancing mothersThe women use the Chinese social media network QQ to talk to communicate with each other outside their daily dance practice. The team captain talks about how they share videos, new dance moves and music, but also about how they use the platform to discuss their home life with each other.
  • Singing Truth to Power: Politics, Opera, and the Russian State: Collaboration with filmmaker Graham Riach, about directing, performing and seeing the opera 'The Life & Death of Alexander Litvinenko'.
  • ‘Talvin Singh in Conversation’ at the IAS:  Musician, programmer and producer Talvin Singh, winner of the 1999 Mercury Music Prize, in conversation with Tariq Jazeel in an event hosted by the IAS in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of South Asia in 2017. Singh discusses his current and early work, the role of creativity, experimentation and fluidity in his music, as well as its broader relevance for Britain's South Asian diaspora, for British multiculture more generally, and in India and beyond. He also performs tabla and plays some previously unreleased recorded tracks. 
  • Using Poetry Performance to Create Place and Belonginghow Professor Kathryn Riley and DancePoet TioMolina use poetry and music to develop the talents and skills of young people and help create a sense of place and belonging in the classroom.