Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Funded projects 2021-22

Nine projects are supported under the initiative, spanning from concerts, live events and workshops to a lego workshop, a design commission and podcasts.

MANDDOLIN4 Music And Neuroscience against Dementia

Jason Warren, Seb Crutch, Nick Tyler, Laura Bolton, Anna Volkmer, Tabitha Tuckett 
£1,800 for music-based patient interventions, used to drive larger grant applications

S. Morland (1672) Tuba Stentooro-Phonica: An Instrument of Excellent Use, as Well ar Sea, as at Land; Invented and Variously Experimented in the Year 1670 and Humbly Presented to the King’s Most Excellent Majesty Charles II in the Year 1671, London: W. Go

Music Futures/Sonic Pasts

Chiara Ambrosio, Maria Kiladi, with PhD students Elena Ktori and Cathy Lucas

£1,000 for reading group and lecture-performance in Café Oto in Dalston

Lego record store Ryan Howitzer on Unsplash

Playing with Purpose – instruments for (more than) music

Ross Purves, Himonides Evangelos, Nicolas Gold
£46.50 for lego instrument making workshop

A bandstand in a park, Photo by Ronnie Khan on Unsplash

Re-imagining the musical bandstand in the 21st century

Mataio Austin Dean, Tabitha Tuckett, Yvonne Cheng, Shovel Dance Collective, Bentham’s Body Ensemble
£2,500 for research project, public performance & student commission to design bandstand

photo of blossom by C Williams

Singing Cultural Memories of Places and Spaces

Annika Lindskog
£2,000 for conversation-recital around and beyond Ralph Vaughan Williams

photo of a loudspeaker and some bread

Sound Carries: Aural Spatialities and the Politics of Representation

Thomas Western and Tariq Jazeel
£454.65 for special issue fostering and emergent form of music/sound studies

Coarse figurine on the Porch of the Booksellers, Rouen Cathedral

The Vinteuil Centenary: Music, Memory and Repetition in Proust

Thomas Stern, Alex Hills (RAM)
£2,000 for reading group and two events with talks, music and discussion

women using a computer to study soundwaves

UCL Anthrobeats – Data Dance: The Sound of Space and Mobility

Caragh Murphy-Collinson, Sid Sidali, Antonia Walford
£1,765.97 for sonification project transforming data into sound, podcasts and live events

music notation with electronic comments

What constitutes music? An interdisciplinary conversational workshop exploring ontological questions

Deborah Lee, Jane Gilbert, Nicolas Gold
£656.05 for one-day, in-person workshop