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Extra-terrestrial ethnographies: Fieldwork for the new space age

18 September 2023–19 September 2023, 9:00 am–6:00 pm

photo of satellite in space

An international symposium of cutting-edge research in the anthropology of outer space, hosted at University College London

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Giles Bunch


UCL Anthropology, and online
14 Taviton Street

The anthropology of outer space is a vibrant emerging area of research that often challenges traditional notions of the field and its constitution within anthropology. During the opening decades of the 21st Century, scholarship on the social studies of outer space has opened up new ways for understanding place, technology, organisation, humanness, futures, and much more. The growing body of empirical research around outer space has helped to push the boundaries on the accepted scope of anthropological subject matter and furthered methodological and analytical conversations in the social sciences.

The Extra-terrestrial ethnographies: Fieldwork for the new space age symposium hosted at UCL, seeks to further push these debates by bringing together a group of international scholars to present ambitious, cutting-edge anthropological research relating to outer space.

These presentations offer critical insights, in the context of outer space, into social phenomena around territory, nationhood, religion, the body, materials and infrastructures, the future, and other forms of being human, amongst other things.

The symposium is hosted by the ETHNO-ISS project at UCL Anthropology in conjunction with the Social Studies of Outer Space Network (SSOS).

ETHNO-ISS - https://ethnoiss.space/

SSOS - https://ssosnetwork.org/

UCL Anthropology - https://www.ucl.ac.uk/anthropology/