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qUCL Annual Lecture 2018: Sara Ahmed - Queer Use

16 May 2018, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm


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Darwin Lecture Theatre (UCL), Gower Street

We are delighted to share this invitation to the qUCL annual lecture 2018 by Sara Ahmed, feminist writer and independent scholar.  This lecture explores the queerness of use as well as uses of queer. It begins with a reflection on the gap between the intended function of an object and how an object is used as a gap with a queer potential. The lecture does not simply affirm that potential, but offers an account of how institutional worlds are built to enable some uses (and users) more than others. To bring out the queerness of use thus requires a world-dismantling effort. The lecture reflects on how dismantling is framed as damage and considers the relationship between the creativity of queer use, violence and survival.

Organised by qUCL, in conjunction with UCL's Gender and Feminism Network at the Institute of Advanced Studies.

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