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IAS Lies: Misinformed - A Roundtable on Social Media and the Shaping of Public Discourse

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, 05 February 2018

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IAS Common Ground, Ground Floor, South Wing

As part of its Lies research theme, the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies will be hosting a roundtable discussion on media and politics in the age of the viral post, troll farm and automated botnet. How has the new digital media environment changed the ways we form opinions, elect representatives, challenge governments, create divides and bridge them? Bringing together researchers in political science, digital culture, journalism, and social media analysis, the roundtable will address the specific challenges posed by the ascendancy of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to democratic societies, and about the possibilities these technologies might open up.


  • David Benigson, CEO, Signal Media
  • Anastasia Denisova, Communication and Media Research Institute, University of Westminster
  • Lisa-Maria Neudert, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford 
  • Gregory Whitfield, Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL

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