Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


13 December 2017 | 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Restless Thinking: Research and teaching across the shifting terrain of gender and sexuality studies

IAS Common Ground, Ground Floor, South Wing
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Restless Thinking

The IAS is very pleased to host this roundtable discussion inspired by the work of Jane Fenoulhet, supported by CMII Gender and Sexuality Studies, the Gender & Feminism Network and qUCL.

This roundtable discussion invites members of the teaching community involved in Gender and Sexuality Studies at UCL to reflect on the breadth of disciplinary insights that the programme supports. The event celebrates the contribution of Professor Jane Fenoulhet to the CMII MA in Gender, Society and Representation over many years' teaching at UCL, exploring the destabilisation of boundaries around the study of languages, literatures and cultures.

What do ideas about mobility and the restless subject offer contemporary gender scholarship? How do gender theories 'travel' across geopolitical space, historical divisions, social relations, cultural contexts or academic disciplines? And how are ideas about mobility and emergence - a state of becoming rather than being - applied, critiqued and taught within a field of study that is very directly concerned with social change and transformation?

We are delighted to welcome staff working on gender and sexuality studies at UCL, who will join Jane Fenoulhet, Emerita Professor of Dutch Studies in discussion and debate.

  • Ann Varley, Professor of Human Geography and Convenor of the CMII Gender and Sexuality Studies Programme
  • Hans Demeyer, Lecturer in Dutch and Comparative Literature
  • Jessica Ringrose, Professor of the Sociology of Gender and Education
  • Shiva Zarabadi, doctoral candidate, Institute of Education
  • Bob Mills, Professor of Medieval Studies and Director of qUCL