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The network aims to share relevant publications from researchers across the College, to help promote their work and demonstrate the breadth of research being undertaken.


Like Water: Feeling and Negotiating Relational Complexity in School-Based Ethnographic Childhood Research in China Through the Lens of Emotional Reflexivity
Yan Zhu & Yuchen Wang (2024, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, SAGE Publications)

Culture-Led Rural Revitalisation in Chinese Intermediary Cities: Challenges and Opportunities during the Pandemic
Giulio Verdini & Shengxi Xin (2024). In Raffaele Pernice and Bing Chen (eds) Australia and China Perspectives on Urban Regeneration and Rural Revitalization (Routledge).

A spatial interaction model of Qin-Han Dynasty organisation on the northern frontier and the location of the Zhidao highway (China)
Zehao Li & Andrew Bevan (2024, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports , 53 , Article 104407)

Ageing with Smartphones in Urban China: From the cultural to the digital revolution in Shanghai
Xinyuan Wang (2023, UCL Press)

Finance and local economic growth: New evidence from China
Jingzhu Chen & Yuemei Ji (2023, International Journal of Finance & Economics, 1–30)

Handbook on China’s Urban Environmental Governance
Edited by Fangzhu Zhang & Fulong Wu (2023, Edward Elgar)

Creating Chinese Urbanism: Urban revolution and governance changes
Fulong Wu (2022, UCL Press)

Same-gender intimate friends in Chinese girls’ romantic adventures in a boarding school context
Yan Zhu (2022, Childhood29 (4), 578-592)

Routledge Handbook of Chinese Medicine
Edited by Vivienne Lo & Michael Stanley-Baker (2022, Routledge)

Present and Future Trends of Sustainable Eldercare Services in China
Maurizio Marinelli, Zhang, J. & Ying, Z (2022, Population Ageing 16, 589–617)

Sustainable intensification of millet–pig agriculture in Neolithic North China
Dorian Fuller, Yang, J., Zhang, D., Yang, X. et al. (2022, Nature Sustainability 5, 780–786)

Engaging the dragon: UK government documents on doing business with China
Yue Ming & Michael Plouffe (2021, Economic and Political Studies, 10(4), 387–415)

Conducting and Financing Low-carbon Transitions in China: A Governmentality Perspective
Le-Yin Zhang (2021, Edward Elgar Publishing)

Geochemical evidence for the manufacture, logistics and supply-chain management of Emperor Qin Shihuang's Terracotta Army, China
Ying Yang, Patrick Quinn et al. (2021, Archaeometry, 63: 40–52)

Max Weber and the Mandate of Heaven
Wolfgang Drechsler (2020, Max Weber Studies, vol. 20 no. 1, p. 25-56. Project MUSE)

China's Economic Rise: Lessons from Japan's Political Economy
Sangaralingam Ramesh (2020, Palgrave Macmillan)

Wretched? Women's questions of love and labour in the People's Republic of China
Lamont, A. (2020). In: Julie Carter and Lorena Arocha (eds). Romantic Relationships in a Time of Cold Intimacies, pp.153-180. London: Palgrave Macmillan.  

Introduction: Renegotiating Social Risks in The People's Republic of China and Japan
Jentzch, H. & Alison Lamont (2020, Pacific Affairs, 93(2):265-279)

Economic development and converging household carbon footprints in China
Co-authors Zhifu Mi et al (2020, Nature Sustainability 3, 529–537)

Early Childhood Education in People's Republic of China: a Literature Review of the Publications Written in English
Lizbeth Bullough and Ioanna Palaiologou (2020, UCL Institute of Education: London, UK)