Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


Affiliated staff

The Centre draws together scholars from a wide range of departments and disciplines, including Anthropology, History, Geography, Law, and the Bartlett.

Dr Anna Adamecz-Volgyi (Social Research Institute): fertility, intergenerational mobility, inequalities in education and the labour market in Britain.

Dr Caroline Bressey (Geography): historical and cultural geographies of the black presence in Britain (particularly London), Victorian theories of race and anti-racism and the links between contemporary identity and the diverse histories of London.

Dr Georgina Brewis (nstitute of Education): history of voluntary action, humanitarianism, and higher education in Britain.

Dr Igor Cherstich (Thomas Coram Research Unit): on issues of migration in contemporary Britain, particularly in relation to asylum-seekers from North Africa.

Dr Andrew Flinn (Department of Information Studies): community-led archives & memory; oral history & public history; documenting the activities of social movements and political parties.

Dr Mark Freeman (Institute of Education): history of of modern Britain, focusing on the history of education, youth movements and informal education.

Professor Robert Hazell  (Constitution Unit): devolution in Scotland, Wales and the English regions; parliamentary and Lords reform; a British bill of rights; referendums; electoral reform; the Crown and royal prerogative.

Dr Morag Henderson (Social Research Institute): educational inequalities; socio-economic attainment gap; the influence of parenting practices and academic self-concept.

Dr Ashraf Hoque (Thomas Coram Research Unit): migration and diaspora, the anthropology of Islam, and political economy.

Dr Rebecca Jennings (History): history of gender and sexuality in modern Britain.

Professor Ann Phoenix (Thomas Coram Research Unit): motherhood, social identities, young people, racialisation and gender.

Dr Victoria Redclift (Social Research Institute): sociology of migration and citizenship.

Dr Jack Saunders (History): a labour historian, with a particular focus on power and agency in the post-war British workplace. 

Dr Karen Schucan Bird (Social Science Research Unit): gender, politics, and public policy.

Dr Nikki Shure (Social Research Institute): gender and socioeconomic inequality in access to higher education and the labour market in modern Britain.

Professor Joy Sleeman (Slade School of Fine Art): land art in Britain, works made directly in and of the stuff of the landscape.

Dr Uta Staiger (UCL European Institute): crisis, stasis and decisionism; mourning and the law in contemporary philosophy; and cultures of international negotiation.

Dr Giacomo Vagni (Social Research Institute): families in contemporary Britain.

Dr Tom Woodin (UCL Institute of Education): social history of learning and learners, social movements, co-operation and everyday life in Modern Britain.

Dr Sara Young (UCL Institute of Education): the relationship between language and identity, especially in the context of contemporary Britain, pre- and post-Brexit.