Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)



Anyone involved in creative practice research and related fields at UCL can be affiliated to the centre.

If you would like to be involved please email lucy.stagg@ucl.ac.uk

Affiliated staff

Dr Nicole Brown (IOE - Culture, Communication & Media)
Drs Maja Fowkes and Reuben Fowkes (IAS)
Dr Humera Iqbal (UCL Social Research Institute)
Dr Dalia Iskander (Anthropology)
Dr Eric Langley (English)
Dr Leah Lovett (Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis)
Dr Michał Murawski (Slavonic and East European Studies)
Prof Florian Mussgnug (SELCS)
Dr Deborah Padfield (Slade)
Prof Kieren Reed (Slade)
Prof Jane Rendell (Bartlett)
Dr Marquard Smith (IOE - Culture, Communication & Media)
Dr Uta Staiger (European Institute)

Affiliated PhD students

Albert Brenchat Aguilar (Bartlett)