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Fevers, Frets, and Futures: uncertainty and new ecologies for post-Covid healthcare Association for Medical Humanities Annual international conference 2022, in collaboration with the IAS, UCL: 13th – 16th September 2022 (1.30 – 6.30pm each day). Look out for the programme as it evolves which will include: keynote presentations, panel discussions and conversations from diverse perspectives, creative and interactive workshops and student poster and creative prizes.
Banner image by Onya McCausland  ©
Organiser: Dr Deborah Padfield
Conference Administrator: Triona Waters
Event curator: Patricia Mascarell Llombart
Student organisers: Ananya Sood & Lorna Bo

The last two and a half years have exposed points of encounter between existing anxieties about climate change and environmental collapse and new crises of health and well-being in the face of the Covid pandemic. What are the lessons we can learn from the frets and fevers of a global pandemic, to think and create new futures and a new sustainability in our work, our lives, and the environments on which they precariously depend? Creating a dialogue between the SHAPE (arts, humanities and social sciences) and STEM (biomedical, science, engineering and technology) disciplines this hybrid conference brings together global and local perspectives on practice, in a community of trust.

Confirmed key-note/plenary contributors include:

Dr Ayesha Ahmad, Prof Helen Chatterjee, Prof Anthony Costello, Dr Nick Watts (Chief Sustainability Officer, NHS England), Invisible Flock and the Land Body Ecologies Team at the Wellcome Hub, Prof James Wilson and artists Dr Onya McCausland, Dr Harold Offeh, Christine and Margaret Wertheim, Prof Dryden Goodwin and dancer Anusha Subramanyam (Beeja.com). 

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Conference Fees:

Full conference, 3 -4 days (FC) Half conference, 1 – 2 days (HC)

  • Free: UCL Students and staff
  • £35 (FC): AMH members
  • £25 (HC) AMH members
  • £75 (FC) Non AMH members
  • £40 (HC) Non AMH members
  • £20.00 (FC) Students external to UCL/Unwaged/low-income countries
  • £10.00 (HC) Students external to UCL/Unwaged/low-income countries

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Add-ons for onsite events:

  • £8.00 extra: Student Poster and Networking Event (Wed 14th Sept, 2 - 7pm)
  • £15.00 extra: Networking Event at IAS, UCL, Live Talk & Workshop with refreshments (Thursday 15th Sept, 5 - 8pm)

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