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Ephemeral Metropolis? The History of Jewish Warsaw

02 June 2015, 6:00 pm

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Warsaw: The Jewish Metropolis 

Essays in Honour of Professor Antony Polonsky on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday

Warsaw was once home to the largest and most diverse Jewish community in the world. It was a centre of rich varieties of Orthodox Judaism, Jewish Socialism, Diaspora Nationalism, Zionism, and Polonisation.

In 2010, a three-day conference was hosted by the UCL Institute of Jewish Studies devoted to the entire history of the Warsaw Jewish community: from its inception in the late 18th century and its emergence as a Jewish metropolis within a few generations, to its destruction during the German occupation and tentative re-emergence in the post-war period. This workshop celebrates the publication of the proceedings of this pioneering conference. It will reflect on the emergence and destruction of one of the most influential communities in Jewish diaspora history and gauge the impact of this ephemeral community.


  • Prof Antony Polonsky (Brandeis University)
  • Dr François Guesnet (UCL)
  • Dr Michal Murawski (Mellon Fellow, UCL SSEES)
  • Ms Natalia Romik (UCL Bartlett School of the Built Environment). 

This monumental volume is dedicated to Professor Antony Polonsky, chief historian of the new Warsaw Museum for the History of Polish Jews, on the occasion of his 75th birthday.