Metamaterials and plasmonic materials

Metamaterials are define as materials engineered to exhibit properties that have not yet been found in nature.
We are motivated to develop optical metamaterials and metafluids bearing properties ranging from gigantic chiroptical response to negative refractive index in the visible range.
These exotic properties can be "created" by optimising the shape, arrangement and composition of each constituent with a subwavelength resolution, i.e. at the nanoscale.
The resultant materials find potential applications in ultrasensitive sensing, broadband polarisers and even invisible cloaks.

 Fig 1. The tuneable gigantic chiroptical response (circular dichroism, CD in deg) of plasmonic nanohelices in water. [Nat. Mater. 2013]

Tuneable gigantic chiroptical response of plasmonic nanohelices in water.jpg

Recent Publications

  • Andrew G. Mark, John G. Gibbs, Tung-Chun Lee, and Peer Fischer, "Hybrid nanocolloids with programmed three-dimensional shape and material composition", Nat. Mater., 2013, 12, 802-807
  • Sahand Eslami, John G. Gibbs, Yvonne Rechkemmer, Joris van Slageren, Mariana Alarcón-Correa, Tung-Chun Lee, Andrew G. Mark, Geert L.J.A. Rikken, and Peer Fischer, "Chiral nanomagnets", ACS Photonics, 2014, 1, 1231-1236

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