Research Staff

The dedicated research staff at the Institute for Materials Discovery undertake research into a wide range of fields and sub-disciplines related to advanced materials science and engineering. Read more below!

matthew jackson

Dr. Matthew L Jackson, Research Associate

Dr. Jackson is currently working in materials translation in association with the MarketPlace project. His aim is to identify the resources and approaches required to solve materials issues identified as being critical to product development by small and medium size companies. This spans a wide range of applications, from thin-film solar cells to lithium ion batteries.

Previous Experience

  • PhD in Atomistic Simulation of Materials for Nuclear Fusion, Imperial College London
  • Engineer, Hitachi-GE
  • MEng Material Science and Nuclear Engineering, Imperial College London
andres nistal

Dr. Andres Nistal Gonzalez, Research Fellow

Dr. Nistal research interests are focused on the surface modification and functionalisation of materials to develop novel multifunctional nanocomposites and coatings for advanced engineering applications. He has prepared nanocomposites with either ceramic, glass, or polymer matrices and different fillers, such as carbon nanotubes or graphene.

Previous experience

  • Research Associate, Advanced Composites Research group, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), UK
  • Research Associate, Technical Ceramics group, CV-CSIC, Madrid, Spain.
  • PhD in Materials Science, Chemical-Physics of Surfaces and Processes, Institute of Ceramics and Glass (ICV-CSIC), Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), Spain


yanbei hou

Dr. Yanbei Hou, Research Fellow

Dr. HOU’s background involves synthetic chemistry and material science. His research interests are focus on design, preparation and application of multifunctional polymer nanocomposites. He is currently working on design and develop novel, smart, durable and high-performance nanostructured films and nanocomposite coatings.

Previous Experience

  • PhD in Safety Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China
  • MSc in Safety Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China

Dr. Germán Martínez-Ayuso, Research Fellow

Dr Martinez Ayuso is a research fellow in the topic machine learning for materials discovery.
He is currently working in materials translation in association with the MarketPlace project and Dr Jackson. 
His expertise is mainly related to material modelling using numerical methods such as finite element methods. 
He has successfully model such as piezoelectric materials, honeycomb composite structures, curing of composites, etc.

Previous Experience

  • Project Officer, ASTUTE Project, Swansea University, Wales, UK
  • PhD in material modelling using numerical techniques. Swansea University, Wales, UK.
  • MSc in Structures at University of Granada, Granada, Spain. 
  • MSc in Civil Engineering at University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain. 
  • BSc in Civil Engineering at University of Cordoba, Belmez, Spain. 
Suresh Moorthly

Dr. Suresh Moorthy, Research Fellow

Dr. Moorthy completed his PhD in 2011, graduating from the Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI), India. The award of a UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellowship then saw Dr Moorthy to spend a year at the University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia. The subsequent award (2012) from the Alexander von Humbolt foundation from Germany allowed him to take up a postdoctoral position in the group of Prof. Schalley at Free University Berlin. After successful completion of the Humboldt Fellowship, he returned to the University of Queensland in 2013 and joined Prof. Jack Clegg group in the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB). Leaving the sunny shores of Australia, he joined the Lee Group at University College London (UCL) as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in September 2017, working towards supramolecular host–guest assembly and catalysis inside molecular containers.

Neetha Mohan

Dr. Neetha Mohan, Research Fellow

Dr. Neetha Mohan obtained her PhD in Computational Chemistry from the CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, India in 2014. After completion of PhD degree, she joined as a postdoctoral researcher in the Institute for Protein Research at Osaka University, Japan. In 2017, she moved to University of Texas at El Paso to continue her postdoctoral research. Her research interests include the use molecular modelling approaches, particularly QM and MD methods, for solving chemical and biochemical problems. Currently, she is working on elucidating the mechanism of catalysis inside cucurbiturils using quantum mechanical techniques.