UCL Institute of Finance & Technology


Data Generation and Analytics


Our work embodies the synergy of data generation and knowledge graphs, forging a link between precise data creation and meaningful data representation. By connecting the world of data generation with the depth of knowledge graphs, we improve financial data's realism, relevance, and comprehensiveness. This integrated approach empowers professionals and institutions to navigate the intricate financial terrain with precision and strategic decision-making.

Synthetic Data and Simulation

In the dynamic realm of finance, the ability to generate, curate, and manipulate data is pivotal. Our specialization lies in innovative financial data generation, with a specific focus on synthetic data and controlled scenario simulation. This approach ensures data accuracy, completeness, and timeliness, facilitating scenario analysis, and providing valuable insights.

Knowledge Graphs

In the ever-evolving data-driven landscape, our expertise extends far beyond traditional financial analysis. We excel in knowledge graph construction, a cutting-edge technique that transforms raw financial data into interconnected structured representations. These knowledge graphs unveil hidden relationships, patterns, and insights that would otherwise remain obscured. This unparalleled level of understanding empowers us to provide comprehensive risk assessments, optimized portfolio strategies, and informed decision support that empowers our clients to navigate the complex financial world with confidence.