UCL Institute of Finance & Technology


Artificial Intelligence in Finance


The AI for Finance Lab at the UCL Institute of Finance and Technology, led by Dr. Carlo Campajola, is dedicated to advancing research in the application of AI and quantitative methods for financial data analysis. The lab's work includes developing new approaches for liquidity risk estimation, risk profiling, and risk management. These research activities have practical implications, helping financial professionals to better understand and predict market behaviours. Current research collaborations involve the Saudi Central Bank, Santander UK, Consob, the UZH Blockchain Center and the DLT Science Foundation. The lab also offers industry services ranging from AI validation, benchmarking AI implementations to verify they are performing correctly and responsibly, to analytics design, supporting organizations in developing systems that can handle complex financial data effectively. The lab aims to bridge the gap between academic research and industry practice, providing insights that are both innovative and applicable in real-world financial contexts.