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The finance discipline enjoys unprecedented prospects as a catalyst of economic opportunity and engines of growth, but it also means that research in this field faces unprecedented challenges. Among these, the most pressing are the prevailing fragmented and sector-focused approach to banking and financial infrastructures, which has led to vulnerability, low adaptability and inefficiencies in provision. Issues relates to natural resource protection and supply, which for instance, cities need to maintain for the productivity and welfare of their inhabitants through infrastructure-efficient provision and low-carbon delivery of urban services. Today, demographic imbalances such as sharp growth are prevailing in many emerging economies, while aging and decline is witnessed in several of the richer economies.

The Institute of Finance and Technology is well-placed as knowledge leader in advancing

•    The pivotal role of technologies and the exploitation of technical innovation and appropriate technologies for addressing problems confronting the banking industry and financial  institutions, and in the search for implementable cost-effective solutions

•    The practice of efficient management of urban and infrastructure  assets as fundamental to a focussed response, where “assets” encompasses both the material and the immaterial sphere, and “management” refers to both investment to renew and adapt assets and the effective operation and exploitation of existing assets

•    Sustainability and social responsibility as main objectives in finance. The development of suitable impact  indicators, and solutions using the most appropriate mix of efficient management and strategic investment

•    Instilling the research skills needed for a focussed response to contemporary financial challenges, and understanding strategic investment concepts and the needs of impact investing and investors, i.e. investment that achieves financial returns as well as non-financial (impact) results.

Ongoing research

EU Horizon 2020 CLIC

The Circular models Leveraging Investments in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse (CLIC) trans-disciplinary research project’s goal is to identify evaluation tools to test and implement “circular” financing and governance models for adaptive reuse of cultural heritage.


UKRI GCRF Multi-Hazard Urban Disaster Risk Transitions Hub

The UKRI GCRF Multi-hazard Urban Disaster Risk Transitions Hub aims to reduce disaster risk for the poor in tomorrow’s cities.


EPSRC Plastic Waste Innovation Hub

The Plastic Waste Innovation Hub provides the interface between a diverse team of UCL researchers and industry, government, and the public to help solve the plastic waste catastrophe.