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‘The Embryonic Disk’ is a low-cost e-learning resource, developed within UCL to support the study of embryology both in and out of class. It is available on CD-ROM, priced like a music CD for sale direct to students, and also for network use under licence.

It contains detailed, illustrated coverage of the first two months of human embryonic development and charts the emergence of the head and neck, nervous system, special senses and all the major organ systems of the thorax and abdomen. It also covers related topics: the germ line and formation of gametes, twinning, the placenta, and preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Two levels of text ('core' and 'more') are supported by diagrams, photographs and animations, with hotlinks to an extensive glossary, a comprehensive index and over 1600 self-assessment questions.

‘The Embryonic Disk’ was targeted initially at medical and paramedical students from the first year of vocational training upwards. However, it has also found favour with science students and as a revision tool for postgraduate medical training because its format allows different levels of detail to be offered for different purposes. Many sections include brief research summaries for developmental biology students and more senior clinical students, with references to further reading.

Revenue from sales of CD-ROMs and network licences is ploughed back into the development of the resource and its related teaching aids.

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