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For teaching staff

If you are an embryology tutor who has never used 'The Embryonic Disk'

If you are looking for a teaching pack to support your embryology lecturing and provide images and questions for use in assessments

If you are interested in obtaining a networking or multiuser licence

If you are seeking a discount for six or more copies for a library or resource centre

If you need to contact us by email

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Tutors in embryology who have not previously received any version of ‘The Embryonic Disk’ are encouraged to send an email to requesting a complimentary copy, giving enough information about their posts and teaching responsibilities to establish their bona fides.

'Embryonic Disk' teaching packs are CD-ROMs that contain labelled images suitable for lecturing and intranet web distribution, together with banks of true/false questions and unlabelled 'picture-test' images for use in assessment. All copies of ‘The Embryonic Disk’ contain a PowerPoint catalogue of the slides in Teaching Pack A, with information on copyright and ordering.

Click here for a fuller description and to view sample images

Teaching Pack A (57 slides illustrating gametogenesis and the early embryo) is priced at £90.00 GBP inclusive of mailing. Purchasers outside the EU are responsible for any import duties or taxes.

Teaching Pack SS is now almost complete, and contains more than 75 slides illustrating the main events that transform the early embryo, the embryonic pharynx, the major pharyngeal derivatives, the developing face, nose, palate, teeth, skull and ear. This pack is primarily intended for those teaching Speech Science and Speech Therapy students, whose focus is the head and neck. Please email to enquire about availability.

Teaching Pack B takes over where Pack A ends, illustrating the embryonic and early fetal development of the major organ systems, including the heart, vasculature, respiratory tract, digestive tract, urinary tract and reproductive systems, as well as the head and neck, nervous system, ear and eye. This pack is still in preparation but do please enquire about it because some of these topic sets are now almost complete (view sample images) and we may already be able to assemble a collection that meets your needs.

Networking and multi-user licences are available by arrangement. A licence that allows all students of embryology to use a specific version of this resource indefinitely and without restriction on institutional computer systems typically involves a one-off cost of £180 to £240 GBP depending on student numbers. This also includes free access to any updates for two years after purchase, making it even better value — please email for details.

Discounts are available for six or more standard CDs bought at one time. Please email

Online ordering allows you to pay your credit/debit card company in your own currency.
Click here to place an online order for ‘The Embryonic Disk’ on CD-ROM.

Please email to enquire about availability and online payment for Embryonic Disk Teaching Packs.