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Having trouble when you try to open the Index in Version 2.12a or earlier?

Here's how you can work around this problem

The Fault: It now seems that any version of 'The Embryonic Disk' up to and including 2.12a can, in ill-defined and uncommon circumstances, make Windows force the program to close when you try to open the Index. But only three users (one being me) have ever reported this problem, which has so far occurred only with Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000. I have, of course, opened the Index countless times on dozens of computers running every major version of Windows, and the code involved had been unchanged through several previous versions, with hundreds of copies in use, so we don't know why this happened on only a few computers.


The Fix: Where this problem was found, it proved very easy to work around. Normally, 'The Embryonic Disk' launches in a window that fills the whole screen. When the Index starts, it reduces the size of the program window to fit the main page so that you can see the smaller Index Links window alongside it. The problem is linked to this automatic change in window size. If you first reduce the window size yourself to fit the page, by clicking on the middle button out of the three buttons at the top right corner on the Windows caption bar before you click on the Index button, then the Index will open without any problem.

My Advice: Don't bother with this extra step of reducing the window size unless you find you need it. The vast majority of computers seem to run fine without, and when the fault occurs, it does no damage; you just have to re-launch the program and use the 'fix' to stop it happening again.

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