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Having trouble getting 'The Embryonic Disk' to find its Runtime Library in a non-English-language version of Windows?

Here's how other users have solved this problem

The Fault:

Recent versions of 'The Embryonic Disk' that use the ToolBook II runtime library have caused a particular problem for some users running German-language versions of Windows. The program will not launch, and creates an error message saying "The executable file requires the Asymetrix ToolBook Runtime Library", showing that the runtime library files cannot be found by the system, even though they have been properly installed by the SETUP program.

The Fixes: As this fault does not occur with the English-language version of Windows, I have not been able to test any fixes myself. These were provided by users who had the problem, and solved it on their own computers.

Method 1 for Windows 2000 and XP:   This method requires you to type some data into Windows but it is better than downloading 'patches' from a website because it can be adapted for any language-version of Windows and it can also be undone (reversed) if necessary. The following instructions (in German and English) let you add the location of the ToolBook Runtime Library to the Environment Variable "PATH" on your computer. Before you begin, read through them carefully and use Windows Explorer to check the exact folder names that you will need, as they exist in your own version of Windows:

Basic instructions in German:
rechter Mausklick auf Arbeitsplatz => click auf Eigenschaften => click auf Erweitert
=> click auf Umgebungsvariablen...
=> auswählen von der Variablen path unter Systemvariablen...
=> click auf Bearbeiten...
=> am Ende hinzufügen von
;C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Asymetrix\TBsystem [das Semikolon vor C:\ ist wichtig!]
=> click OK

Instructions in English (for use with other languages):
right click on My Computer => click on Properties => click on the Advanced tab
=> click on the button for Environment Variables
=> select the line for the variable Path in the box named System Variables
=> click on the Edit button
=> after reading points (1) to (5) and without changing any text that may already be in the box
      named Variable Value, add the following line to the end of this text:
      ;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Asymetrix\TBsystem
      (1) make a careful note of what is in Variable Value before you make any changes
      (2) use your own language-version’s equivalent of Program Files\Common Files
      (3) be careful to use the exact spelling as it exists on your system
      (4) the semicolon before C: is important because it separates the new path from
            the previous one -- omit it only if the Variable Value box is empty when you start
      (5) if you become confused or you think you may have changed the existing text
            in the Variable Value box, click Cancel and begin editing the Path variable again
=> click OK

Now the program should work without any problems.

Method 2 for Windows 95, 98, ME:   To solve the problem in these versions, you can add a SET PATH command, based on the examples shown below, to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, using a text editor such as NotePad. You must substitute your own language-version’s equivalent of Program Files\Common Files, and be careful to use the exact spelling as used on your system.



If you are not sure how to do this, please ask an experienced user who understands the AUTOEXEC.BAT file (part of the old MSDOS system) to help you.

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