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We are having recurrent problems with our departmental online payments page. It has misled some people into paying twice and made extra work for us in issuing refunds and apologies, and it does not always tell us when an order has been placed, leading to delays and yet more apologies.

Until we can get these problems fixed, please place your order by sending an email to me ( ) giving your full name and street (mailing) address and the number of copies of the CD-ROM you require. You won't get an instant reply but you will at least be dealing with a responsible human!

I shall then use PayPal to send an invoice for the right amount (depending on country) to your email address. When you have paid the PayPal invoice (for methods of payment, see below) I shall mail your CD-ROM using first class mail inside the UK or airmail outside the UK.

Secure payment: To pay us through PayPal you do not need to have a PayPal account. PayPal accepts most credit and debit cards and keeps your details secure. To issue an invoice to you through PayPal we need only your email address; but the price depends on the country to which we shall be mailing your CD-ROM so you should also include your exact street address (and full name) when you write. We shall not ask you for any financial details ourselves.

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