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Visiting Researchers

 Visiting Researchers and Visiting Research Students to DIS at UCL

The Department of Information Studies at UCL is happy to be able to host a small number of excellent visiting researchers and visiting doctoral students each year. We give strong priority to international scholars with whom we already have established research relationships. We are unable to accommodate all those wishing to visit and work with us, and we are only able to accept those whose research interests fit closely with those of our research centres and groups. We will work with the visiting researchers we do accept in advance of their visit to develop an agreed research work plan, which brings clear benefits to both parties. In order to make most effective use of your time with us, we suggest that plans are made well in advance of your visit, usually several months in advance.

If you are on the permanent faculty of a university from any part of the world and you wish us to consider accepting you as a visiting researcher, or if you are registered as a doctoral student in another university and wish to spend a period of time attached to UCL DIS, you should contact the Director of Research in DIS (currently Dr Andrew Flinn, a.flinn@ucl.ac.uk) informally with your academic cv and a short (one or two page) outline of your research interests, your reasons for wanting to visit DIS at UCL, the likely length and time frame of your visit and crucially how you think your research fits into our research areas. Although you may wish to explore informally your research proposals with a specific colleague at DIS, please do not email all the staff in DIS to make a request as such blanket requests may be counterproductive. If we are interested in accepting you, we will ask you to make a formal application through UCL's procedures, and it is only after the formal application has been considered that you will receive a formal decision about whether we can offer you a place. A formal offer can only be made by the DIS Head of Department. These processes can take several weeks, so please allow enough time. If you are a non-EU resident you will also need to make a visa application and this too can take time.

If you are a faculty member at another university and wish to visit DIS as a visiting researcher ('academic affiliate'), you should apply following the procedures given on UCL's webpages: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/human-resources/affiliates-academic-scheme

Students currently enrolled on a PhD overseas can apply to study at UCL as a 'visiting research student' to conduct research here towards your PhD overseas. You can apply to spend 3 to 12 months at UCL undertaking research which is complementary to the doctoral/PhD project at your 'home' university. You should to apply following the procedures given on UCL's webpages at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/international/affiliate/visiting-research-students

If you wish to apply for doctoral study in DIS you should not apply as a visiting student, but you must apply through the normal graduate research routes: see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/dis/phd. If you wish to apply to study a taught programme or for a short course in DIS see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/dis/taught.

Please note that UCL will normally levy a fee for all academic visitors, so you need to be able to fund your trip, including fees due to UCL, your travel and accommodation costs. There are no scholarships at UCL to fund visiting researchers or students and no faculty housing is available. Some of our visitors have been able to find accommodation through services such as https://www.sabbaticalhomes.com/

If we do accept you, as a visitor to UCL DIS, you can expect that normally we will provide you with:
•    full access to UCL library resources including e-resources
•    full access to UCL ICT facilities, using a login and password, including access to ICT clusters and Eduroam wifi
•    some working space in DIS, usually access to shared desks ('hotdesking') in the doctoral students workroom
•    induction and orientation when you arrive in DIS, including health and safety
•    a research mentor or supervisor from the permanent academic staff in DIS, who will act as your main point of contact for planning your visit and throughout your time with us and whom you can expect to see weekly for a supervision or discussion
•    access to research activities within DIS such as attendance at research seminars and other research training
•    access to Graduate School or Staff training courses offered within UCL

In turn we will expect you to:
•    abide by UCL procedures, especially those to do with ethical research conduct, copyright and the appropriate use of UCL facilities
•    acknowledge UCL DIS appropriately in any publications which arise from the period of your visit to us
•    contribute positively to the research culture and life of DIS and any research group or centre to which you are attached during your visit
•    normally, make one research seminar presentation to staff and students of DIS