Information Studies


PhD Study

In comparison with other sectors of the economy, publishing has historically seriously under-invested in research and development. Old attitudes are changing rapidly as publishers see for themselves the benefits of a more systematic, evidence-based, approach to the some of the big questions facing the industry. High quality publishing research has never been more relevant or more highly sought after.

Our doctoral programme is open to recent graduates and professional practitioners alike, and aims to provide a learning environment which encourages critical thought, the building of links between theory and practice, and self-direction within a supportive, highly engaged, peer community. Our current students, both full and part-time, come from different parts of the world, and from a range of publishing and information management backgrounds. There are also opportunities, from time to time, for well qualified staff to join the Centre as research fellows to work on medium- and longer-term funded projects.

PhD students undertake a piece of supervised research, working independently or as part of a larger research team working on externally funded projects. There are also ample opportunities for collaboration with publishers, libraries or other institutions in the London area and with other departments at UCL. The PhD is awarded for a thesis of no more than 100,000 words which must represent a distinct and significant contribution to publishing research.

How to apply