Information Studies


Professor Tim Jordan

Professor Tim Jordan

Director Arts and Sciences Programme (BASc), Professor of Digital Cultures

 Key words: digital culture; digital economy; hacking; hacktivism

Tim Jordan in interested in supervision in  areas of digital culture. There is a particular interest in  research into the digital economy, which includes not only for-profit economic practices (such as games, targeted advertising models (Google, Facebook etc) and so on) but also co-operative or ‘free’ practices (such as Wikipedia, free and open source software and so on). There is a further particular interest in cultures and online gaming, with a specific area of massive multiplayer online games (such as World of Warcraft). A further area is exploring grassroots interventions in digital and internet socio-technologies such as hacking, hacktivism and makerspaces. Across these areas Tim works from a background in critical science studies, with an emphasis on the work of Donna Haraway and Karen Barad, and in broader cultural studies, particularly the work of Stuart Hall, and sociological research. Tim works across different methods with a particular focus on qualitative methods especially virtual ethnography and interviews, he has used archival research methods and has begun to work in areas using digital methods.