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Paolo Casani

Paolo Casani 2

I am currently a part-time PhD research student at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. My research is an exploration into ways in which computer, information and communication technologies (ICTs) impact how we see, understand, and conceive ourselves and the world at large. It aims is to collect testimonies and insights about the ways and extent in which these new technologies influence how we experience our sense of self and express and create identity.

In my research project, I am investigating the practices, experience, thoughts and impressions of academics in relation to their use, as well as over the influence and mediation of social media platforms and communication technologies. Following a multiphase mixed methods design I intend on the one hand to explore the qualitative personal experience of digital technologies, and on the other investigate the quantitative manifestation and expression of self and identity over the social media platforms. A third part of the mixed methods study is going to look at the relationship to cultural and society.

My academic background includes studies in art and graphic design, the humanities and computer science. I hold a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Cultural and Critical Studies from Birkbeck, University of London, where I also studied Computer Science; I also have an MSc with Distinction in Business Systems Integration form Brunel University, West London

I have been working in the computing industry for over 15 years in the UK as well as a number of European countries and Asia as Software Engineer, Technical Consultant, and free-lance Senior Developer. In my research work within Digital Humanities, I aim to combine my expertise and understanding of IT technologies in the study on how they affect the human and social spheres.

While doing my PhD at UCL I have also been working as a postgraduate Teaching Assistant at the UCL Faculty of Arts & Humanities in classes about Programming, Information Systems, Databases and the Semantic Web.

My research interests include philosophy and sociology of technology and information, perception and HCI, digital anthropology, critical theory, issues of privacy and surveillance, and about the social implications of computing. I would be happy to get in touch with researchers sharing similar interests.


Julianne Nyhan, and Jenny Bunn


Diploma in Graphic Design and Photography, BA (Uni. of London), MA (Uni. of London), MSc (Brunel)

Contact details:

Email: paolo.casani.14@ucl.ac.uk
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/paolocasani

PhD research student
School of Digital Humanities
Department of Information Studies
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