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Photini Vrikki

Photini Vrikki

I’m a Lecturer in Digital Methods in the Humanities at the Department of Information Studies at UCL. I teach on the MA/MSc Digital Humanities programme, and teach on the following modules:

My research focuses on the links between social and digital inequalities; power and data; and algorithmic cultural developments. In my work I examine the integration of technology into our lives by exploring the socio-cultural opportunities of data while conveying their humanities challenges.

My current research agenda explores the role of digital data and artificial intelligence in society as seen through the use and development of participatory digital methods and inclusive data governance frameworks:

  • Since 2019, I have been co-building the research and impact profile of Media What, an NGO committed to promoting media education through participatory media production activities that empower community voices and enhance media literacy and critical thinking.
  • In 2020 I was awarded the European Charlemagne Fellowship for my project titled Toward Solidary European Data Spaces which investigated how solidarity-based approaches can create better data policy frameworks and infrastructure for the newly deployed Common European Data Spaces and the role of data literacy.
  • For my AHRC funded Fellowship in Digital Humanities between 2016-19, I designed creative digital methods and worked with marginalised Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic youth in London to explore their use of technology and digital media.
  • I was the Director for the Centre for Digital Culture at King’s College London between 2021-2023.
  • I am an Associate Editor for the open-access peer-reviewed academic journal Digital Culture & Education.
  • I have also sat on the Advisory Committee for “CYberSafety” in Cyprus, which aimed to develop the National Strategy for a Better Internet.

Contact Details

UCL extension: 55593
Direct line: 02031085593 (non-UK: +442031085593)
Office: Room G30, Foster Court

Correspondence address:
Dr Photini Vrikki
Department of Information Studies
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT


Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Vrikki, P. & Lekakis, E., (2023) Digital Consumers and Platform Workers Unite and Fight? #cancel_efood and the Platformisation of Consumer Activism. Marketing Theory.

Riesch, H., Vrikki, P., Stephens, N., Lewis, J., Martin, O., (2021) “A moment of science, please”: Activism, Community and Humour at the March for Science. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society.

Stephens, N., Vrikki, P., Riesch, H., Lewis, J., Martin, O. (2021) Protesting populist knowledge practices: Collective effervescence at the March for Science London. Cultural Sociology.

Vrikki, P. & Malik, S. (2019) Voicing Lived-experience and Anti-racism: Podcasting as a space at the margins for subaltern counterpublics, Popular Communication.

Publications in edited books

Bunz, M. & Vrikki, P., (2022) From big to democratic data: Why the rise of AI needs data solidarity, IN Filimowicz, M. (ed.) Democratic Frontiers: Algorithms and Society. London: Routledge.

Vrikki, P. (2020) #PeoplesVoteMarch or #LosersVoteMarch? Tracing the collective identity of a post- Brexit referendum movement on Twitter, IN Rosenbaum, J. E. & Bouvier, G. (ed.) #TalkingPoints: Twitter, the public sphere, and the nature of online deliberation. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Vrikki, P. (2020) Twitter as a Space of Resistance to Brexit: Stories of belonging and the concept of ‘affective citizenship. IN Finchett-Maddock L. & Lekakis, E. (eds.) Art, Law, Power: Perspectives on Legality and Resistance in Contemporary Aesthetics. Oxford: Counterpress.

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Vrikki, P. (2018) The Beginning of the End: Telling the story of Occupy Wall Street’s eviction on Twitter. pp.76-93. IN Adi A. (ed.) Protest Public Relations: Communicating Dissent and Activism. London: Routledge.

Policy Reports & Online

Vrikki, P., (2021) SoCEDS: Solidarity-based approaches for the creation of Common European Data Spaces, 20 March 2021, Charlemagne Prize. Access: <https://www.charlemagneprizeacademy.com/en/publications/article-solidarity-based-approaches-for-the-creation-of-common-european-data-spaces>

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